Can anyone design a job application platform that doesn’t suck?

Why does it take a half hour and triplicate-input-redundancy to apply for a job online? Why can't these online application platforms just pull in LinkedIn data and be done with it? Isn't it easier for these job application systems to just read our resumes and cover letters? … [Read more...]

The Cover Letter is Dead. Long Live LinkedIn!

Stop sweating over those overly long humble-brag letters. Employers know they're BS. Instead, save your sweat for making a lush LinkedIn profile. I set out to write an article about stupid techie cover letter tricks. Technology people do sometimes do dumb things in cover … [Read more...]

When You Get a Job Counteroffer: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

You got a job offer, you gave your notice, you’re psyched to pack up your coffee mug and launch your glittery new gig. But wait! Your boss muddles everything by offering you a counteroffer that you can’t possibly refuse! How do you figure out whether to jump ship or keep … [Read more...]

How to Keep a Job Search Going Through the Holidays

Companies don't hire during the holidays, you say? Corporate hiring managers are all out on vacation? Nobody's going to get back to you, so you're just going to go stand in line at a big-box store on Black Friday and dive into shopping mob frenzy? Bah, humbug! The truth is: … [Read more...]

6 Howlingly Unrealistic Hollywood Portrayals of Law Enforcement Using Computers

Isolate the node and dump them on the other side of the router! Zoom in on that blob! ENHANCE!! Type at lightning speed, and for God's sake, man, don't ask a real-life techie whether any of this approaches reality WHATSOEVER!! Fade in. The scene: Naval Criminal … [Read more...]

Screw the Bonus, Ask for This at Work Instead

It's cheap—heck, it's free!—it can make you love your job, it will make you crazy if you don't get it, and it's why you should print this article out and slip it under your boss's door tonight if you're not getting it now. "Let's do an article about how technologists get … [Read more...]

How to Crunch Your Resume for Optimum Appeal to Automatic Tracking Systems

Are you tired of kissing your resume goodbye, consigning it to the black hole of automated resume processing systems, never to hear a peep from people who, for all you know, are laughing at whatever came out the other end? Now, (finally!) there are tools that (try to) … [Read more...]

Corralling Heroes and Other Testing-Group Miscreants

Curse the savior who works around the clock to save the project. Their inability to prioritize is only one flavor of IT project botheration. Is your software testing group a finely oiled machine? No squeaky wheels, nobody burning the midnight oil, projects finished on … [Read more...]

I Like My IT Budget Tight and My Developers Stupid

Who has money to train these guys nowadays? They should be lucky they’re still employed, right? Keep thinking that way—the competition applauds your choice to glue your wallet. Yes, you do. Don’t deny it. You like them stupid.You don’t have the budget, and even if you did, … [Read more...]

Safest Career Choices for Developers (If You Don’t Want Your Job To Go Away)

Mobile development’s the way to move. And developers expending their brain juice on Java and Objective C are going to enjoy steady paychecks for a good, long time. Jobs-wise, 2011’s going to be the same suck-fest as in 2010. The grisly data: According to a … [Read more...]