How Sensors are Changing Software Design

Sensors are being embedded in everything from industrial equipment to tennis rackets to refrigerators. Software UIs and functional designs are changing to make the most of sensor and sensor webs but their potential has yet to be realized. That’s where you come in. Sensors … [Read more...]

Why Context Won’t Be King Soon

Software developers and marketers are talking a lot about “context” these days. And yet, end customers are still presented with irrelevant ads and irrelevant software options. The truth is, contextual awareness is not even close to being "there" yet. Here are a few of the … [Read more...]

The Half-Life of Innovation

New products hit the market faster than businesses can consume them, forcing IT executives and business managers to set priorities. If policies are too rigid, competitiveness may suffer. If policies are overly agile, precious IT resources may be spent on the wrong solutions. … [Read more...]

Avoiding Sand in the Agile Gas Tank

Most software organizations are some version of Agile. Yet, lingering habits still gum up the works. There are some surprising and obvious-in-retrospect reasons why organizations are not as Agile as they might be. If you want to avoid or minimize Agile challenges, read … [Read more...]

Designing the User-Driven Business

The lines between consumer and business software are fading as popular mobile devices invade businesses. As a result, IT projects, solution designs, and investments are changing to better align with shifting user expectations. The days of traditional enterprise IT are … [Read more...]

Effective Metrics Use Isn’t All About the Numbers

Although software development is more about numbers than ever before, not all development teams are realizing the same level of value from the metrics they use. Some organizations are approaching the problem more holistically to get more from their investments. Metrics … [Read more...]

Software Security: Balancing Resources and Risks

Security and software have to go hand in hand, but not all teams are equally equipped. Some organizations retain security experts, some hire consultants, some use multitasking developers. If your company can’t afford a dedicated security expert or team, consider these … [Read more...]

What Do You Mean, “Agile”?

Agile software development practices are all the rage, but many teams are not as Agile as they claim to be. Many companies adopt a “hybrid” approach. Here’s how those work. Being “Agile” is a modern badge of honor. If you’re Agile, you’re cool: progressive, team-oriented, … [Read more...]