DejaClick for Google Chrome is Here!

Yes, that's right, you heard it, DejaClick has come to Chrome and it’s now available for free in the Chrome Store. This is our first public beta of the DejaClick for Google Chrome and we are eager to get it into the hands of users to get some real world experience.  Why … [Read more...]

Web Performance and the Perception of Speed

Many businesses have already realized--and some are just now realizing--that one of the last remaining ways to differentiate themselves is to deliver amazing customer experiences.  This is something you need to take pretty seriously, before someone takes your customers away … [Read more...]

Excellent Customer Web Experience Is Critical to Your Business

Now, more than ever, your business success hinges on your ability to ensure a quality Web experience across both internal and external users. From internal applications supporting employees and partners to external websites driving revenue, your customers are demanding fast … [Read more...]

The Social Media Addiction – Should You Give it a Second Thought?

At around 10:00PM (EST) Monday night, 18 of the websites from our industry benchmarks experienced errors related to Facebook login. The errors manifested as HTTP errors and lasted for about 15-minutes. Many of the sites are significant Web destinations, including: … [Read more...]

What is quality – 4 Demonstrable Measures?

We talk a lot about the importance of quality products. But what does the word "quality" really mean? Is it a subjective or objective trait? And how can anyone strive to achieve high quality without first understanding what that term actually entails? Over the … [Read more...]

Learning How to Share with DéjàClick

Last time we talked about DéjàClick, we looked at how we can this handy-dandy plug-in to markup and annotate Web pages. Now that we have our annotated DéjàClick script completed, how are we going to share it with others to collaborate? Of course, we could save the script … [Read more...]

IRWD 2013 Wrap-up: User experience, SLAs and Magento

Wow! For one of Internet Retailers smaller shows, IRWD2013 was a really spirited conference. Getting out and interacting with users, whether customers, partners or just other professionals trying to deliver great user experiences, is one of the parts of the job I really … [Read more...]

I was Born in a Cross-Browser Hurricane

It really has become a cross-browser world, and for many legacy Web applications that might not be such a gas. Just a couple of years ago, I might hear once or twice a month about a Web application that would only run correctly in Internet Explorer (and wince a little). … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Web Speed Is in the Eye of the Beholder

We really are in the age of the customer, with today's empowered and connected buyers demanding a new level of interaction from those of us who want their attention. That means it's no longer enough for customers to feel like their online interaction with you was just … [Read more...]

Need your Website Updated? Just make a Note!

Let's face it, everyone is always busy these days. Seriously, how often do you hear anyone say, "I've got so much free time this week"? But nobody is busier than a small business owner, who is often forced to wear six different hats on a daily basis. One of those hats … [Read more...]