Balancing Android Openness With Mobile Security

As one my favorite characters from the video game Deus Ex, Prichard would say, “You don't fix an entire firewall Jensen, you find the hole and you plug it.” The same can really be said about anything else in the world of technology. All software is doomed to be insecure in … [Read more...]

Software IQ Test: Application Performance Crossword [Interactive Puzzle]

Consider yourself an application performance expert? Put your knowledge to the test in this interactive crossword puzzle. And don't forget to share it with your friends on social!   Completed the crossword challenge? Share your results on Twitter!   … [Read more...]

Software IQ Test: Software Testing Crossword [Interactive Puzzle]

Consider yourself a software testing expert? Put your knowledge to the test in this interactive crossword puzzle. Take the Software Testing Crossword Challenge! This edition’s theme is software testing. Try to complete the crossword puzzle and make sure to share your … [Read more...]

The First Bug Bounty Program for Airlines May Be Detrimental to Customer Safety and Security

In the media debacle that is United Airlines vs. their hacking enemies, one thing is finally clear—United Airlines is finally starting to realize that anyone who can infiltrate their systems may be better off on their side than against them. Last month, a security … [Read more...]

TestComplete Enters the Dojo – White Belt Edition

If you’ve checked out the API Testing Dojo at SoapUI.Org recently, then chances are you may have taken a swing at the Testing Katas. The testing katas are a great way to become familiar with processes in software testing - some basic and some more defined. Whether you’re … [Read more...]

Testing iOS Applications

Developing applications for iOS is not like developing applications for Android OS. Google is much more open to what can submit to the Google Play store, whereas Apple has strict guidelines that could stop your development efforts in their tracks; this will become a … [Read more...]

TestComplete 10.1 Released with Real-Device Support for iOS

To meet the demand of our users and to increase mobile test coverage across multiple platforms, SmartBear is happy to announce iOS support as part of our award-winning TestComplete product. The new TestComplete 10.1 release now supports real-device test automation for iOS … [Read more...]

Most Influential People in Software Testing

Throughout my career in software testing there have been many obstacles that I've had to overcome to get to where I am today. Earlier on I struggled with testing effectively; however, through trial and error I was able to become more efficient. On my first testing job, it … [Read more...]

Introducing Automated Mobile Testing in TestComplete eBook – Android Edition

The studies are sprinkled across the internet and they all suggest the future of technology is moving into the mobile realm and eventually into wearables. As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, development teams will have to keep up with technological advancements. … [Read more...]

Automating Gameplay with TestComplete

The recent Pokemon experiment on Twitch.Tv has been a blast to follow. If you haven’t been keeping up with the madness, basically Pokemon is being streamed via Twitch.Tv and the game is played by subscribers typing commands into the chat menu. The problem here, as with most … [Read more...]