The 100-Year Software Application

We like to imagine that people appreciate it when we create quality work, and that it'll last for generations. Perhaps that isn't a realistic expectation -- but let's write and test the software as if it will be used for decades. I expected our friend Jorge to be excited: … [Read more...]

Encouraging User-Centric Development – But For Which User?

It’s Agile practice to work with users to define an application’s functionality and user interface. But who defines who the user is? All too often, the people who sign off on your software design are not the people who spend all day using the software. … [Read more...]

Does Wearing a Suit for a Geek Job Interview Kill Your Chances?

The recruiters all say that you should err on the side of formality. Clearly the recruiters don't know the tech staff. The company aims to hire a Linux admin. The word went around the office: The guy who's in for the interview is wearing a suit!" At least one of the … [Read more...]

3 Things Software Developers Can Learn From Prince Fielder and the Home Run Derby

Prince Fielder is great at hitting home runs... but that doesn't mean he's good at making management decisions. Here are three lessons you can learn from his mistakes. This year, Major League Baseball tried out a new — and in my view flawed — way to select which eight … [Read more...]

When Bad Software Requirements Happen To Good People

Software requirements can’t be too vague, but they can’t be so detailed that nobody can read them, either. The people charged with gathering and documenting software requirements may have the best of intentions. But more often than not, the final product is either lacking in … [Read more...]