9 Challenges Faced by Google Glass Developers

Developing apps for Google's Android is usually smooth as glass. Developing for Glass? Not so smooth. Here are some complications that only Glassware developers will encounter. Google refers to the people who sport its Glass, the technology that doubles as eyewear, as … [Read more...]

Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace—and a Few Ways to Overcome It

Even the most brilliant developers, the most competent managers, have doubts about their abilities—despite evidence that their performance at work is acceptable, or even laudable. Why do we feel this way…and how can we feel better about our work and ourselves? "I worry … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Technical Skill Set Perfectly Polished

Developers must keep learning, to stay on top of trends. But this comes at a cost: Each new area of expertise you develop leaves you less time to maintain your core competencies. Here's how you can keep your skills relevant…particularly when your job requires you to work on … [Read more...]

9 Live Wallpapers to Make Your Macintosh Even More Beautiful

My name is Carol Pinchefsky, and I'm a Macaholic. I've never owned, or even seriously used, a PC. I find Macs intuitive and usable, and I've never once felt that way about C: drives and D: drives and oh-god-why-me drives. So may the ghost of Steve Jobs smite me for … [Read more...]

You Can’t Touch This

Keyboards and mice are so yesterday. A panel at Engadget's Gestures/Alternative Interfaces talk reaches for new interfaces, and rethinks the ways we interact with our machines. Admit it: You want to wave your hands and have technology obey your every gesture, just like in … [Read more...]

The Mad Scientist’s Lair Construction Kit: A Software Developer’s Guide to World Domination

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If it's, "Software developers would make perfect mad scientists," then the answer is "Yes" and "We may both suffer from megalomania, but my delusion is greater than yours." But if you weren't thinking that software developers would make … [Read more...]

5 Signs That Your Team Member Wants a Promotion (as told by Star Trek)

At one point in the classic Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror," Mirror Chekov waylays Captain Kirk. As he points his phaser at James T. Awesome, he says, "So you die, Captain, and we all move up in rank." I’m not just telling you this just because I like peppering … [Read more...]

Everything I Know About Project Management, I Learned from Game of Thrones

In George R.R. Martin’s masterful series, A Song of Ice and Fire (currently an HBO television show, Game of Thrones), many characters in the fantasy world of Westeros create goals, make plans, maneuver people and events toward the goal they want, and eventually realize their … [Read more...]