GIF is Dead; Long Live WebM

The GIF format was given new life for its animation capabilities, but WebM blows that away The GIF format had been left for dead following the LZW patent dispute of the mid-1990s, but enjoyed a resurrection thanks to the demise of said offending patent and the realization … [Read more...]

Supporting Windows XP after April 8: What You Need to Know

Microsoft is finally casting off its old operating system, which means you are sort-of on your own. Here's what's in store for sysadmins and developers, and what you need to do starting April 9. After years of threatening to end the life of Windows XP, Microsoft finally … [Read more...]

Where Did Go Wrong? Let’s Start with “Everywhere”

What should have been a straightforward e-commerce site development project turned into a laughing stock – and a disaster of unmitigated proportions. Let’s look at how that project went sour, in the context of developers and IT leaders avoiding another one … [Read more...]

How Micron’s Automata Promises to Improve Parallel Processing

The most common application for Micron’ new chip might be Big Data, but it can be used anywhere a complex or unstructured data stream needs analysis. Micron Technology is not the first company that comes to mind when you think CPUs. Perhaps it’s not even the third or … [Read more...]

SGI’s Long, Strange Trip: from Dinosaurs to Big Data

Some companies stay in the same business they began with, for good or ill. Others change their business model – and survive. Silicon Graphics isn't the same it was 20 years ago, but it is alive and kicking – and today it’s focusing on Big Data. Twenty years ago, Stephen … [Read more...]

Apple’s 64-bit Chip Could Change Things, but Not Overnight

The 64-bit nature of the A7 chip is nice. However, any potential tech exploitation of that 64-bit nature is a long ways off, say developers. Apple's latest generation of non-Mac products sport a new processor that's touted as 64-bits, which is causing a bit of an uproar … [Read more...]

What’s New for Developers in IE11?

The first big update to Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser in three years will feature a number of advanced security features – and a whole lot more. With Windows Blue, a.k.a. Windows 8.1, Microsoft will issue the first new version of its standard Web browser in three … [Read more...]

When Multicore Makes Sense for Mobile Apps

You don’t need to make a parallelized, multicore app in every instance of mobile development. But sometimes you should make the extra effort. Mobile development is not the same as PC development. That’s due to the many constraints and limitations on mobile devices, and … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Stick with MySQL

MySQL's founder is encouraging people to steer away from his creation. Here's why he's wrong. Schism between the worlds of open source and proprietary software is never going to go away as long as open source remains viable and competitive. Eventually, you have a meeting … [Read more...]

In Smartphones and Tablets, Multicore is Not Necessarily the Way to Go

The PC solution for the CPU performance wall was to throw more cores at it. That's not necessarily the best way to improve mobile app performance. Several years ago, desktop PCs hit a performance wall. Intel thought that it could keep raising the clock speeds and keep up … [Read more...]