How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable

In our jobs as programmers, sometimes you have disagreements with other people about how something should be done. How you handle those disagreements affects your work life, how much you enjoy your job, and your career prospects. Whether it's disputing time estimates with … [Read more...]

12 Things Developers Wish the CIO Remembered

Every CIO wants to build a development team that’s hard-working, loyal, and devoted to creating quality software. The developers are willing! But they want CIOs to lead them and understand their needs. Here’s what developers hope their CIOs keep in mind to motivate them and … [Read more...]

The Developer’s RegEx Survival Guide: 15 Rules for Making Sense of Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a powerful, expressive and compact way to solve many programming problems involving text. Yet when I help people on StackOverflow, I see a lot of pain and anguish from people misusing regexes, or not knowing the common pitfalls. In this article, I … [Read more...]

How to Turn Your Pile of Code into an Open Source Project

You've written some code, you think it would be useful to the world, and you'd like to give back to the open source world. But how do you do it? An experienced open source guy provides a checksheet for developers to release an open source project and get it noticed. You … [Read more...]

What To Ask Candidates In Job Interviews (Without Being Insulting And Wasting Your Time)

Job interviewing is one of the most important parts a manager’s or team lead’s job, but too often managers go into the process without a clear vision of what they're looking for, and therefore they don't know what to ask about. Even worse is getting some cool-sounding … [Read more...]

Bad Tech Job Interview Questions (and How To Answer Them)

Job interviews can be rough under the best of circumstances. They're not helped any when bad interviewers ask questions that take away from the real point of the interview, which is to assess your skills and how well you fit with the rest of the team. The categories that … [Read more...]

13 Things People Hate about Your Open Source Docs

Most open source developers like to think about the quality of the software they build, but the quality of the documentation is often forgotten. Nobody talks about how great a project’s docs are, and yet documentation has a direct impact on your project’s success. Without … [Read more...]

Website Performance Measurement Tools: From Brute Force to (Relative) Elegance

It always happens. Our websites get to be too slow. We keep adding features and graphics, and JavaScript doodads on our sites, and the website performance slows to a crawl. That’s an embarrassment for any web developer, especially one that is proud of creating … [Read more...]

Leveraging Open Source Experience in Your Job Hunt

Working in open source brings many kinds of rewards. Open source participation helps get the software created that you need, and it brings a sense of accomplishment to help others with the work you do. If you’ve been involved in an open source community, you probably also … [Read more...]

Designers and Developers: Why Can’t We Get Along?

In which a Web developer and graphic designer do their best to achieve world peace. As long as there have been visual programs, programmers and designers have butted heads. The differences between the two sides of program development seem to often be at odds, even though … [Read more...]