Join the ReadyAPI Community Virtual Event- One Month Left

In July, we finished phase 2 of our API Bloom challenge, the online SmartBear Community event for ReadyAPI users. This challenge consisted of weekly tasks in which participants shared their knowledge and competed against other community members for prizes. So far, we’ve had 9 winners, ~100 participants from 36 countries; ~500 questions asked and 143 solutions given!

If you haven’t yet participated, you still have time. We started phase 3 of the API Bloom challenge (the last one) and it will be active till Sept 1. Participating is easy, all you need to do is to share your thoughts by giving solutions to other community members. Join us now to compete.

The SmartBear Community is one of the leaders in the industry. It includes SmartBear users, employees, industry experts and influencers. In the Community, we discuss current trends in software testing, share our ideas and find solutions to tricky questions. This is a great place to grow your expertise!

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