Educating NUIG on the API Economy

Last week I had the opportunity to guest lecture on the API Economy at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) for Business Information Systems first year students. This was a unique opportunity for me having graduated from this program myself.  My presentation covered the following areas:

  • An overview of APIs and real world examples
  • Understanding the API Economy and how business value can come from APIs
  • An overview of SmartBear Software, SwaggerHub/OAS and where SmartBear products fit within the API Lifecycle

In addition to my presentation to first year students, SmartBear’s actively working with the final year students on their final year project “An Investigative Analysis on the Impact of the API Economy on Business.” This project requires students to work on a disruptive technology topic with an industry leader in a particular field.

Business Information Systems (BIS) is four-year degree programme that examines the use and management of technology in business environments. The programme is fully accredited by EPAS. It mixes business subjects such as Accounting, Economics and Marketing with technology focused subjects such as Databases, Systems Analysis and Networks. It provides knowledge and skills in traditional business organization and management together with skills and abilities in the enabling and underlying technologies on which organisations are becoming more reliant.

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