SoapUI 4.6 – The REST in Progress!

sb-alertsite-logoWe’re happy to let you know that we today are releasing SoapUI 4.6 – The REST in Progress! This is the first of several releases which aims at improving the REST-testing capabilities of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro.

When we added REST-testing support in SoapUI all the way back in 2008 and version 2.5, REST wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. Since 2008 we’ve seen boom in the API-industry. In terms of public APIs, ProgrammableWeb went from having 750 public APIs in 2008 to today having more than 9,900. While SOAP is continuing to grow, REST has been outpacing adoption in terms of public APIs – more than 60% of the APIs listed in ProgrammableWeb’s directory are REST-based.

In SoapUI 4.6 we begin our journey to creating a more easily understandable and more powerful REST-testing experience in SoapUI. This first release makes the time-to-test for REST-projects much faster, due to improvements in both GUI and methodology. It is now much easier and quicker to set up a REST-based project, and we’ve started the swtich of SoapUI’s approach from an academic REST approach to a more pragmatic approach to REST.

But this is only the start, we are planning on further improving the REST-testing capabilities and we want your feedback! What do you like/dislike with the new REST-testing features? What do you feel is missing? Is there something you would like to see added in the upcoming REST-testing improving releases? Let us know your thoughts!

Read more about the new features in SoapUI 4.6, or head on over to to download this latest version.

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  1. Brian Benscoter says:

    The new REST interface is an improvement, but I can no longer find a way to set the “accept” header.

    • Mike Giller says:

      Accept header was removed in 4.6. You can still set it in the bottom “Header” tab of the request editor

      • Gustav Sohtell says:

        There is no way to remove the accept-header? I’d like to make a request with no accept header. If I don’t set it in headers I get the settings from the project (which I cant seem to change anymore). I can override it by setting e.g. Accept: hello. But I can’t seem to remove the header anymore.

        • Mike Giller says:

          Right now there is an outstanding bug that if you set accept-header in v4.5.2 or lower, it will show up in v4.6.0+ and there’s no way to remove it. This should be fixed in the next few releases by converting the ‘accept header’ checkbox with an actual header value.

          For now, the workaround is to open the project in SoapUI v4.5.2- and uncheck the accept header checkbox. Then you can add and remove that header in the ‘header’ subtab.

  2. Arian Jafari says:

    Brian: Thanks for the feedback. We’re still figuring out what to do with it, but for now, you can set the header manually in the “Headers” tab near the bottom of the screen.

  3. The recommendations popup on this blog is very annoying on a mobile phone (Chrome @ Android). It gets in the way of the text.

    • Thanks for the note, Henrik, On our mobile site it doesn’t seem to be a problem, but we are seeing that it gets in the way when you click directly from our subscriber email. We’re working on this issue. We may be removing the recommendations popup all together.

      Thanks for the feedback here!

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