API Bloom: Share Your Knowledge – Get Rewarded 

This month we announced phase 2 of API Bloom, the online SmartBear Community challenge for Ready! API users. This challenge consists of weekly tasks in which participants share their knowledge and compete against other community members for prizes like gift cards and tickets to SmartBear Connect.

The launch of phase 2 brings about a new task– to get as many “Kudos” for replies as possible. Each Monday, we will announce 3 winners with the highest number of received Kudos and send them gift cards. Join us now to compete.

If you’ve never heard of the SmartBear Community, it consists of users, industry experts, and influencers. In the community, we discuss current industry news, share our thoughts, and ask any questions that may have come up. We have seen quite a bit of participation from community members thus far.

Key SmartBear Community numbers:

  • 75K registered members
  • 20K posts created per year on average
  • 90% questions asked in the community get answered within 24 hrs

Join the SmartBear Community today.

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