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Quality Conversations on Financial Technology and API Culture in London

API thoughts, illustrated at APIdays London

An event like APIdays London proves that it’s not always a bad thing to show up to an event underdressed. Last week at APIdays London, the sessions were well attended by both financial business professionals in suits and fellow technical geeks like me in jeans. Aside from … [Read more...]

Fintech and DevOps Collide in London: SmartBear and Sogeti UK

Fintech and DevOps

Financial institutions, like other critical service industries such as health care and air travel, have the unique challenge of no room for failure. It’s a bad day if your ATM card doesn’t work. It’s a really bad day if you do a bunch of online trading based on incorrect … [Read more...]

How Smart Are Your Performance Alerts?


Performance alerts can be a double edged sword.  The ‘who, what, when and how’ of performance alerting decides the overall effectiveness and ability to avoid potential disaster. For example, if you are a web master, you don’t want to receive alerts at 3:00am when you know … [Read more...]

Verification and Validation: The Difference


I’ve been asked several times recently about the difference between Verification and Validation in automated testing and for some advice on applying and documenting each kind of testing. Let me first take a minute to define these terms. Verification Vs. … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Microservices Matter to Architects, Developers & Testers


Several years ago, I was a developer in a travel reservation aggregator. Our mission was to pull flight and hotel data from a bunch of cryptic reservation platforms, and provide it to other companies via an API library – for a fee. That was before companies like Expedia … [Read more...]

Who Is Responsible For “Good Code”?


A few weeks back, I wrote a post about getting ready to address a coworker's bad code.  This sparked some conversation across various media, including the following interesting question: ...seems that there is a breakdown in managing the development process. Why is Bob … [Read more...]

Test Automation Pitfalls: Don’t Get Trapped!

working hard

Automation has been around for a long time now, at least since the 1950s. At the insistence of management at every software company I've worked with, I've been trying to make it useful for the past decade.  That game is a tricky one. One common strategy, for example, is to … [Read more...]

Taming The API Sprawl


Ten years ago, there may have been only a single application that talked directly to the database and spit out HTML; customer service, sales - most of the organizations I work with have been moving toward a design philosophy more like unix, where each application consists of … [Read more...]

How SoapUI Was Created: An Interview with Ole Lensmar

Ole Lensmar Photo

Ole Lensmar, our own CTO at SmartBear, talks about the creation of SoapUI. SoapUI has risen to become the most widely used API testing tool in a market that is expanding quickly. With the accelerated adoption of RESTful APIs, combining with the existing usage of the SOAP … [Read more...]

QA Testing For What Your Users Really Want

Vector concept of business management. Data processing, analytics and development. Flat line style - vector illustration

The software world in general is moving toward increased shared responsibility and individual ownership. From developers to operations to testing, the microservices world has us focusing on projects not products and watching teammates going from firmly defined roles to … [Read more...]