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Selling Your Bosses On That New, Shiny Tool

Have you ever attended a trade show or conference that left you feeling like the proverbial kid in a candy store? You had delectable food, met really smart people, attended eye-opening talks, and took tons and tons of notes. The only complaint you had, in fact, was that you … [Read more...]

Your Coworkers Bad Code: Having The Hard Conversation (Part 2)

Bad Coding

This is Part 2 of our series on Poor Coding in the Work Environment. To Read Part One, Click Here. Last time, I talked about how to prepare for a tough conversation with a coworker about having bad code.  This included understanding what not to say and creating a game plan … [Read more...]

Finding the Balance Between User Experience and Monetization


Who would have thought that providing a better experience for people viewing internet content would be so controversial?  You may know by now that Apple announced a new Safari release bringing content blocking extensions to iOS and Mac OSX, emphasizing user experience and … [Read more...]

How Beacons and the iBeacon Protocol Fit With the API and the Internet of Things

Beacon API Use

Forbes called 2015, the Year of the Mobile Beacon.  AdWeek talks about how beacons are already influencing the way we network, get drunk, vacation, shop, and even how we buy sausage. Ten experts at Marketing Land predicted that this year the whole world of mobile marketing … [Read more...]

How Testing Changes in Component Based Architectures


What Is Component Based Architecture? Imagine building your software like it was ordering furniture from Ikea. You pick out a desk, add a corner piece, raise it up to be a standing desk with some props for the legs, and add small things like organizers to better fit how … [Read more...]

Software IQ Test: Software Testing Crossword [Interactive Puzzle]


Consider yourself a software testing expert? Put your knowledge to the test in this interactive crossword puzzle, and don’t forget to share this on twitter to enter to win a sweet X8C drone! Step 1: Share this Puzzle and Enter to Win an X8C Drone! We will be entering … [Read more...]

How to Address Your Coworker’s Bad Code (Part1)

Feedback-the concept of the man crying because he didn't his job

You’re sitting at your desk, trying to “track” down a bug that’s been reported, when it happens. The hunt takes you into some method that inspires you to do a double take. It’s about 1,200 lines long, it has switch statements nested three deep, and you think (but you aren’t … [Read more...]

Software Performance And Customer Satisfaction


How Do Your Customers Feel About Your App? Performance monitoring essentially is trying to answer the question, "Is everyone happy?" Or "relatively happy." Or how many people are unhappy right now… When you monitor your web applications you may have several tools each with … [Read more...]

SmartBear Welcomes Reseller Partner to Expand Testing and API Business in Italy

emerasoft logo

SmartBear continues to expand its business in Europe!  The company is excited to announce it has established a partnership with Emerasoft in Italy. The European software quality management market has been experiencing double digit growth and in order to satisfy customer … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Isn’t Really Free for Software Testers


Over the past year, we have had many articles suggesting how Window 10 would be free for anyone who signed up to test it. Well, it turns out that some terms and conditions govern who gets a new Windows 10 license for free. In fact, what you do with your current subscription … [Read more...]