On the Reusability of Test Scripts

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Automating your testing efforts is paramount to agile and expedient software delivery. However, the implementation details of automating tests diverge very quickly down paths defined by what level of testing you’re performing. Developers have unit tests in IDEs, QA testers … [Read more...]

Why DevOps Makes Your Test Role Even More Important

DevOps Testing

DevOps is one of the latest software development movements. If you aren’t familiar with it, the high level summary is that it’s essentially the integration of IT Operations with the development process. This requires significantly more than just inviting Ops to your … [Read more...]

The Importance of Writing Testable Code


We recently sat down with the testing team at Infinio in Cambridge, MA to learn how they have implemented their test automation strategy. The cool thing about their strategy is that the whole development team (developers and testers) work together to create testable code … [Read more...]

The Art of Designing Automated Testing Tools


Designing automated testing tools can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to surface all of the complexities involved in a variety of test structures but you also have to make all of those complexities accessible to a variety of audiences. Some people prefer to … [Read more...]

The Buzz Around Big Data


In this video clip, Marlon Bailey, Lead Software Architect for Hosted Systems at SmartBear Software, explains why the science behind big data isn't quite as new as everyone makes it seem, and why he doesn't necessarily buy into the hyperbole that surrounds the buzzword … [Read more...]

Double Rainbow! SmartBear Wins Two 2014 Jolt Awards


Excuse us for one minute while we do a little happy dance. [Pause for vigorous dancing] The SmartBear team has once again been honored with two Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards. This year, SoapUI Pro took home the top Jolt Award for continuous improvement and overall quality. … [Read more...]

Let It Go (Software Edition)


SmartBears love software. But we also have a lot of fun together that has nothing to do with the quality life cycle. Sometimes it's go karting. Sometimes it's hockey. Sometimes it's company scavenger hunts. In the case of Gregg Hanson, when he's not demoing TestComplete … [Read more...]

Hunt for Information, Not Bugs


In this video, Dawn Haynes explains why it is so important for testers to focus on understanding the context of a project and providing useful information to stakeholders rather than spending countless hours attempting to track down every single bug they possibly … [Read more...]

A Test Design Q&A with @joshin4colours


If Lorinda Brandon is following you on Twitter, watch out because she might read one of your posts and convince you to do a 45-minute webinar about it. Her first victim was Josh Grant, a test automation expert from CaseWare in Toronto, Ontario. On March 5, Josh … [Read more...]

Writing Testable Code through Fault Injection


Every testing team out there has their own methods for achieving maximum efficiency in their testing processes. It's really all about what works for your particular team, on any particular project. Where one school of thought may promote the use of specific methods or tools, … [Read more...]