5 Truly Effective CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks


Creating engaging websites that invite return visits is hard work. A modern site also has to scale to support every device available and be launched online in ever -shorter times. Perhaps the only reasonable way for developers to implement the responsive design demanded by … [Read more...]

THE HEAT IS ON! A Simple Guide to Creating Heatmaps


Heatmaps and choropleths can give your data a sizzling new look with easy-to-understand visualizations. Here’s how. Never before has the world been flooded with so much data. Everyone is collecting, analyzing, and mashing up Big Data, from the federal government to the … [Read more...]

How to Take Advantage of Semantic Search: A Guide for Developers


Semantic search is the most disruptive trend we have seen across the Web since the Web itself. But for developers it represents a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of their projects and to make significant wins for their clients. The essence of semantic search … [Read more...]

SoapUI 201: Beyond the Basics


In my previous article, Getting Started with SoapUI, I went over the basic functionality of SoapUI and the structure of a SoapUI project. Once you’ve set up test cases for SOAP, REST, JMS, JDBC or AMF APIs, and after you’ve added some assertions to validate your tests, you … [Read more...]

Ask Stupid Questions First (so you can get better answers later)


Interaction with users can help drive product decisions, but getting from conversations with users to tangible customer data can still be a big mystery. Here are three steps for getting from a casual, interview-esque conversation with a handful of target users to concrete … [Read more...]

GOTO (Still) Considered Harmful


Seriously Apple? Seriously? GOTOs? In your Secure-Socket Layer implementation? What were they thinking? Apple, Apple! When Ed Post wrote in 1983 that Real Programmers aren’t afraid to use GOTOs he was kidding! No one should ever use go-to statements in any program. As … [Read more...]

Spring is Near for SoapUI


As the harsh winter gives way and the sun starts to bring life back to the world around us, the SoapUI team in Stockholm is thawing out and preparing for some big things in the upcoming season. Here are a few projects we've been working on over the last few months, as well … [Read more...]

4 Questions to Ask Before Ending Your Web Apps’ Older Browser Support


As a Web developer, you might instinctively cringe when your new consulting client or user department requests support for IE6 or Safari 5.1. Before you rattle off your reasons for ending older browser support, run through this checklist of questions to ask the … [Read more...]

Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction [Book Review]


On the starship Enterprise, when Captain Jean-Luc Picard directs his crew to "make it so," something needs to happen. Now. And when we interact with a piece of software, we have the same expectation. No matter how good the program is, if the interface makes it unusable, it's … [Read more...]

Beyond Load Testing: From Performance Testing to Performance Engineering


If you’ve ever taken a train across the northern route of the U.S., you probably spent your time soaking in the beauty of the countryside and wondering at the odd little towns, never once thinking about the possibility of colliding with another train or that a career in … [Read more...]