Best Practices of Context-Driven Testing


First of all, before anyone’s head explodes, let me explain what I mean by “Best Practices.” I know that, particularly in the realm of context-driven testing, this term is looked upon as a major misnomer that is only spewed by the ignorant and uneducated. But I don’t think … [Read more...]

Ham ‘n Eggin’ with Logs and APM


This guest post was written by Trevor Parsons, PhD; Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Logentries. I recently wrote a post entitled APM is not enough outlining how log data has become a new rich source of information that can be used in conjunction with your APM solution to … [Read more...]

Hiring Successful Testers


In this video, Keith Klain, COO at Doran Jones, explains the mindset he looks for when he interviews potential candidates for his testing team. See also: Software Testing is a People Problem Let It Go (Software Edition)  Hunt for Information, Not … [Read more...]

Bruce Lee, Kung Fu, and the Schools of Software Testing


The latest debate, on Twitter and elsewhere, about the schools of software testing reminded me of a documentary I recently watched on Bruce Lee. Here is a starting point for understanding the formulation/understanding of testing schools: #STPCon— … [Read more...]

Expressing Value in Software Testing


The constant struggle of software testing teams being forced to (or feeling the need to) prove their worth to the stakeholders of a project is an issue that has been at the forefront of this industry for decades. Last week I had the privilege of sitting down with Keith … [Read more...]

Introducing Automated Mobile Testing in TestComplete eBook – Android Edition


The studies are sprinkled across the internet and they all suggest the future of technology is moving into the mobile realm and eventually into wearables. As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, development teams will have to keep up with technological advancements. … [Read more...]

Google on Mindfulness: How the Company Implements its Motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil’


It’s a happy thing that Mindfulness – a state of active, open attention on the present – has lately attracted a lot of attention, especially in technology circles. Among the companies embracing mindfullness is Google, which had an unusual opportunity to demonstrate its … [Read more...]

Designing the User-Driven Business


The lines between consumer and business software are fading as popular mobile devices invade businesses. As a result, IT projects, solution designs, and investments are changing to better align with shifting user expectations. The days of traditional enterprise IT are … [Read more...]

Want to Make Money in Mobile? Target These High-Growth Markets


Some areas are hotter than others, and for good reason. We look at where you can make some serious money in mobile app development, highlighting four areas where analysts predict the big bucks. The mobile landscape is very different from the way it looked six years ago, … [Read more...]

A Short History of Computers in the Movies: Panel Lights, Spinning Tapes, and Lab Coats

Siemens 4004-1

The big screen has always tried to keep step with technology… usually unsuccessfully. Let's look at how the film industry has treated computing. The always-reliable Wikipedia states: “Burroughs B205 hardware has appeared as props in many Hollywood television and film … [Read more...]