Scale Testing Using Modern Scripting Languages and SCM Integrations In TC 11


Today, we released a new version of TestComplete. The focus of this release has been to allow organizations to easily scale their testing efforts by making it easier for them to bring QA teams having different skill sets together. With release cycles getting shortened, … [Read more...]

How Testing Changes in Component Based Architectures


What Is Component Based Architecture? Imagine building your software like it was ordering furniture from Ikea. You pick out a desk, add a corner piece, raise it up to be a standing desk with some props for the legs, and add small things like organizers to better fit how … [Read more...]

Software IQ Test: Software Testing Crossword [Interactive Puzzle]


Consider yourself a software testing expert? Put your knowledge to the test in this interactive crossword puzzle, and don’t forget to share this on twitter to enter to win a sweet X8C drone! Step 1: Share this Puzzle and Enter to Win an X8C Drone! We will be entering … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Isn’t Really Free for Software Testers


Over the past year, we have had many articles suggesting how Window 10 would be free for anyone who signed up to test it. Well, it turns out that some terms and conditions govern who gets a new Windows 10 license for free. In fact, what you do with your current subscription … [Read more...]

White Box Testing Vs. Black Box Testing


A casual analysis of software testing tends to break it down into main categories -- black box testing and white box testing. This distinction a bit strange though. Does it really exist? Do we really need it? White Box and Black Box Testing Seem Opposite White box … [Read more...]

Moonsoft and SmartBear Announce Partnership to Grow Software Quality Market in Scandinavia


SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, is partnering with Moonsoft, one of the leading computer software consultative sales and related software services companies serving Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. “Moonsoft is happy … [Read more...]

M & F Engineering is Helping SmartBear Grow in the Swiss Testing Market


Since becoming a partner in July 2014, M & F Engineering has helped SmartBear gain momentum in the Swiss testing market. M & F Engineering is organizing the first TestComplete User Group in Switzerland for professionals who want to take their TestComplete skills to … [Read more...]

Improve API Quality: Don’t Forget the GUI

many blocks

Behind every mobile application, smart device, or The Internet of Things (IoT) there is at least one application programming interface (API). These API’s and the graphical user interface (GUI) are often interdependent on each other to collect information. For instance, let’s … [Read more...]

Managing Responsive Design Risk With Selenium

responsive stock

The first iPhone was released by Apple in April of 2007, with the iPad following in 2010. Before these two devices, yes, we had cell phones and BlackBerrys -- but these two changed the experience of browsing the web on a portable device, moving it from novelty to mass … [Read more...]

What Build 2015 Means for Testers


I recently wrote about numerous ways through which Windows 10 affects testers. With Build 2015 over with, we now know more specifically how the new OS will affect testers. Android and iOS Mobile Testing for Windows Microsoft has made a strong attempt to woo android and iOS … [Read more...]