How to Become an Effective Tester By Reusing Tests

The way applications are being built is changing. For developers building cross-platform apps is becoming easier than ever before. Take the example of the recent release of Windows 10 where developers can code once and then deploy the same code across multiple platforms such … [Read more...]

How Testing Fits Into DevOps, Because It’s Here to Stay

When DevOps first appeared on the scene, no one really knew what it meant. Books were defining the term in completely different way; conference speakers were sending out conflicting messages about tools that you absolutely must use (or not) to do "real" DevOps. I distinctly … [Read more...]

How Software Testers Can Teach, Share and Play with Others

Put yourself in my place: The midst of a typical performance review. My manager was talking about what I had accomplished in the past year and where I wanted to take things. My answer was more responsibility and a corresponding raise. It's no huge surprise that young, … [Read more...]

Putting The Test Back Into DevOps

DevOps has become synonymous with empowering developers to move faster and deliver more software, but has unintentionally moved software quality and testing into a corner. The pendulum that swings back and forth between very slow testing and staying far away from overly … [Read more...]

Tips For Better Cross Browser Testing

We spend most of our time testing software using four or five browsers -- Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and maybe Safari. There are a few outliers, like Avant Browser mixed up in there, but for the most part that is what we use to surf the web, to do our taxes, and to … [Read more...]

How Chrome 45 Changed Testing: What You Need To Know

Chrome 45 was released last week for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. With this release, Google has particularly focused on making Chrome more secure, stable, and power-efficient.  Of course, given over 1 billion users, Chrome will continue to remain an integral part of … [Read more...]

Automation Vs. Testing: Getting The Balance Right

The world of software is completely crazy about automation. Thanks perhaps to DevOps, if anything, the mania is increasing. Some companies are eliminating the tester role in favor of tools smiths with programming experience who can build frameworks; sometimes this is called … [Read more...]

Testing with Python: Just Makes Sense

Figuring out what language to code in as a tester can be particularly challenging. If you ask the programmers on the team, they'll say to use whatever they code in. Ask the internet, and, again, you are most likely to hear what your friends are most familiar and comfortable … [Read more...]

The Rise and Rise of Python: September Testing Webinar

Python continues to get attraction worldwide. A September 2014 report from Dice lists Python as one of the fastest-growing skills based on increased job opportunities. What this means for testers and developers? The growth in Python jobs as well as associated salary means … [Read more...]

Verification and Validation: The Difference

I’ve been asked several times recently about the difference between Verification and Validation in automated testing and for some advice on applying and documenting each kind of testing. Let me first take a minute to define these terms. Verification Vs. … [Read more...]