Ever Wonder Who Invented the Cleanroom?

Image Source: Sandia National Labs

There wasn't always an industry standard approach to protected computing environments. Rather, the clean room was pioneered by one man, who's being posthumously honored by the Inventors’ Hall of Fame. In the 1960s, the United States’ biggest political enemy was the Soviet … [Read more...]

How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable


In our jobs as programmers, sometimes you have disagreements with other people about how something should be done. How you handle those disagreements affects your work life, how much you enjoy your job, and your career prospects. Whether it's disputing time estimates with … [Read more...]

Bruce Lee, Kung Fu, and the Schools of Software Testing


The latest debate, on Twitter and elsewhere, about the schools of software testing reminded me of a documentary I recently watched on Bruce Lee. Here is a starting point for understanding the formulation/understanding of testing schools: https://t.co/QBniEokfob #STPCon— … [Read more...]

Managing Your Mobile Testing Strategy


Test management of mobile applications presents unique challenges that require more thorough planning than most other types of software. Mobile projects are extremely complex, requiring project managers and test managers to plan carefully or risk being late to market - or … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Put the ‘Hack’ back in Hackathon


I talk a lot about APIs –sometimes I talk about testing them, sometimes I talk about designing them, and often I talk about marketing them. As I prepared for today’s discussion at API Strategy & Practice Conference I found myself combining all of that into one discussion … [Read more...]

Load Testing for Mobile Devices


Performance testing on mobile devices, applications, and Web content is by no means a new phenomenon. Even so, the truth is that we still need to know how well our apps and sites perform in production environments before that inevitable slow down or downtime occurs. One … [Read more...]

Ask Stupid Questions First (so you can get better answers later)


Interaction with users can help drive product decisions, but getting from conversations with users to tangible customer data can still be a big mystery. Here are three steps for getting from a casual, interview-esque conversation with a handful of target users to concrete … [Read more...]

Code Review: Empowering Collaboration Across Time Zones


I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our Collaborator customers – one of the largest and most respected insurance providers in the country. The main point of discussion was about the integration of Collaborator and Rational Team Concert. However, one thing I … [Read more...]

AQtime 8.2: Improved Sampling Profiler, Windows 8.1 Integration, and Licensing on Hyper-V Servers


AQtime 8.2 Today, SmartBear is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AQtime version 8.2 - a minor release that includes profiler and platform updates as well as a number of bug fixes. We hope these changes will help you more efficiently optimize your … [Read more...]

Measuring the Benefits of Peer Review


It doesn’t take as much effort as you might fear to collect, analyze and interpret metrics from your peer reviews. It’s more a matter of establishing a bit of infrastructure to store the data, then making it a habit for review participants to record just a few numbers from … [Read more...]