LoadComplete Parameterization Wizard

On March 2, I posted a blog entry that detailed the reasons for parameterizing your load tests and when it makes sense to do so. Today, I want to highlight the parameterization wizard in LoadComplete, and show you just how easy SmartBear makes the parameterization … [Read more...]

Load Testing 101 – Parameterizing Performance Tests

The ability to parameterize a load test during load testing has a direct impact on the validity of your test results. The fact that many people do not perform parameterization and that many others are not completely sure of what parameterization means in the context of a … [Read more...]

Capacity Planning on a Cocktail Napkin

A few simple rules of thumb and a bit of arithmetic can help you make simple, but useful, capacity estimates. Normally, after eight hours on my feet with an audience, I'm both exhausted and wired; what I really want is to fall face down on my bed until I recover enough to … [Read more...]

When your Arduino Projects Go a Little Too Far

When your Arduino projects go a little too far … [Read more...]

Picking the Right Web Server for the Right Job

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That's as true for Web servers as it is for work around the house. This overview explains the pluses and minuses of the obvious candidates — IIS and Apache — and suggests a few alternatives … [Read more...]