Using Load Tests to Validate Assumptions


In business, it’s always a refreshing moment when you find an unsolicited endorsement of your products or services. At SmartBear, we were thrilled to be mentioned in University of Notre Dame’s DevOps blog and to find that LoadUIWeb, our load testing tool for Web … [Read more...]

My TestBash Hangover Remedy – A Recap


I've returned from TestBash 3, a “one day affordable software testing conference in Brighton on Friday March 28th 2014.” I have to say it was, without a doubt, the highest quality, content rich, energetic, lively, best attended, most educational and fun one day testing event … [Read more...]

Load Testing for Mobile Devices


Performance testing on mobile devices, applications, and Web content is by no means a new phenomenon. Even so, the truth is that we still need to know how well our apps and sites perform in production environments before that inevitable slow down or downtime occurs. One … [Read more...]

Breaking it Down with Scott Barber: How Ellen Degeneres Broke Twitter


Welcome to Breaking It  Down with Scott Barber. Each month we will  recap a software quality issue that broke our apps and made the news. Performance expert Scott Barber dissects the incident and provides some important insights on how you can prevent the same issue from … [Read more...]

The Performance Mindset: The Messages Have Been Received


Some related messages that we performance testers have been communicating for a few years might finally be getting heard!  The most prominent of those messages being: Test early, test often Performance testing is not an event, it is a process Integrate performance … [Read more...]

How Micron’s Automata Promises to Improve Parallel Processing


The most common application for Micron’ new chip might be Big Data, but it can be used anywhere a complex or unstructured data stream needs analysis. Micron Technology is not the first company that comes to mind when you think CPUs. Perhaps it’s not even the third or … [Read more...]

Why Load Test?


Do you know, right at this moment, how much traffic your site can handle? How many more daily users could you app actually handle? Are you really hitting the response times that you're promising your customers in your SLA? The most obvious benefit of load testing is … [Read more...]

The Half-Life of Innovation


New products hit the market faster than businesses can consume them, forcing IT executives and business managers to set priorities. If policies are too rigid, competitiveness may suffer. If policies are overly agile, precious IT resources may be spent on the wrong solutions. … [Read more...]

Load Testing 101: Essential Tips for Developers and Testers


  You’ve worked hard developing your Web application. Maybe it’s nothing pioneering, but is one of the millions of unsung software heroes that make our lives function everyday. Then again, maybe it will change the world. Either way, you know you need to test it … [Read more...]

GeekSpeak with Scott Barber: Rob Sabourin [Special Edition]


People always seem to be asking me if I still learn things at software events after having attended over a hundred in the past decade. And they almost always seem surprised to hear that I do still get things from sessions (though admittedly, very often it’s not what the … [Read more...]