Wi-Fi at 802.11ac: Fast and Maddening


Good news: Wi-Fi networking technology is improving. Bad news: The top speed may surpass your backhaul, and carriers will become the most frequent bottleneck. There will be joy, and there will be disappointment. The latest IEEE 802.11ac spec will allow wireless speeds in … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Put the ‘Hack’ back in Hackathon


I talk a lot about APIs –sometimes I talk about testing them, sometimes I talk about designing them, and often I talk about marketing them. As I prepared for today’s discussion at API Strategy & Practice Conference I found myself combining all of that into one discussion … [Read more...]

Why Context Won’t Be King Soon


Software developers and marketers are talking a lot about “context” these days. And yet, end customers are still presented with irrelevant ads and irrelevant software options. The truth is, contextual awareness is not even close to being "there" yet. Here are a few of the … [Read more...]

The Half-Life of Innovation


New products hit the market faster than businesses can consume them, forcing IT executives and business managers to set priorities. If policies are too rigid, competitiveness may suffer. If policies are overly agile, precious IT resources may be spent on the wrong solutions. … [Read more...]

OpenDaylight: Open Source Programming to the Software-Defined Network


As hypervisors changed data-center computing, so software-defined networking will change data-center networking. The open source OpenDaylight project is leading the way. If you follow networking vendors, you know they get along with one another about as well as a dog … [Read more...]

Manage the Magnitude – And Other Developer Lessons from Slide Rules


Slide rules aren’t just old-fashioned computing devices. They’re useful tools for getting work done – and can help us calibrate our goals, too. How much building material do we need? Should we mix up 25 bags of cement, 250, or 2,500? That’s the sort of question that … [Read more...]

Monte Carlo Simulations, Fibonacci Numbers, and Other Number Tests: Why Developers Still Need The Basics


Perhaps you encountered these in math classes or an elective in your CompSci degree, and think they’re just “theoretically” interesting. (Or not.) But, Tom Henderson argues, these have relevance to the real world of programming too. Building realistic behavior into your … [Read more...]

Tools to Help You Write Apps That Use Sensors


Sensors increase computers’ capabilities to interact with the environment. Sensors provide unique data input, such as the computer’s location on earth or the amount of ambient light in which the computer is operating. These inputs can give your mobile apps even more useful … [Read more...]

A Look at How a Hypermedia API is Changing Public Media Forever


"Hypermedia is the matter of which the World Wide Web is made. Much like the physical world is built of interacting elementary particles (Bosons and Fermions), the Web is essentially a universe of myriad interacting hypermedia documents." - Irakli Nadareishvili, Director of … [Read more...]

The Pre-History of Software as a Service

Now everyone uses Software as a Service. But we tried this business model before, over a decade ago, and it failed miserably. What changed in cloud computing to make it work today? Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a major end-user platform. Whether the software at … [Read more...]