GOTO Still Has a Place in Modern Programming. No! Really!


Mea culpa! Sometimes, the experts agree, GOTO can be very useful. When I wrote a few weeks about Apple's SSL GOTO security fiasco, I put the blame on GOTO. I quoted no less a seer than programming guru Edsger W. Dijkstra who wrote way back in 1968 that the goto statement … [Read more...]

TestComplete Enters the Dojo – White Belt Edition


If you’ve checked out the API Testing Dojo at SoapUI.Org recently, then chances are you may have taken a swing at the Testing Katas. The testing katas are a great way to become familiar with processes in software testing - some basic and some more defined. Whether you’re … [Read more...]

4 Questions to Ask Before Ending Your Web Apps’ Older Browser Support


As a Web developer, you might instinctively cringe when your new consulting client or user department requests support for IE6 or Safari 5.1. Before you rattle off your reasons for ending older browser support, run through this checklist of questions to ask the … [Read more...]

Introducing the API Testing Dojo


We all know that testing software is very important. This sentiment only continues to grow as our lives become more and more engulfed with software enabled devices. And while businesses and solo developers alike understand the benefits of testing their websites and apps, API … [Read more...]

How To Determine Your Virtual User Quota


So you've decided that it's time to load test your website or app? Awesome. There are a probably a handful of questions that are swirling around your head as you prepare to do some performance testing. What metrics do I need to get out of the test? Do I want to test … [Read more...]

Avoiding Sand in the Agile Gas Tank


Most software organizations are some version of Agile. Yet, lingering habits still gum up the works. There are some surprising and obvious-in-retrospect reasons why organizations are not as Agile as they might be. If you want to avoid or minimize Agile challenges, read … [Read more...]

High-Availability Basics for Developers


“High availability computing” has, alas, sometimes been presented as a buzzword, which gets in the way of discussing the actual issues in the many zero-failure initiatives, with terms like Non-Stop Computing, Unbreakable (fill in product genre here), and a gamut of lofty, … [Read more...]

Healthy APIs: Take One API and Call Me in the Morning

Healthcare applications – both mobile and Web-based – are going mad with the inception of the Affordable Healthcare Act. But to even think about writing health-related software, you have to get clinical information that is relevant and current. Fortunately, plenty of APIs – … [Read more...]

Learn AES256 on Your Lunch Break


Even if you want to know Internet security basics, it can take a while to learn “the least you need to know.” Here’s a rush overview of Advanced Encryption System 256 (AES256), the most popular unbroken encryption you can use today, summarized for a fast mind meld. When … [Read more...]

Embedding Jython in Java Applications


Jython is an implementation of the Python programming language in Java, running on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as opposed to the standard implementation of Python which is implemented in C (CPython). Python developers can use it to take advantage of the vast libraries … [Read more...]