Can Our CMO Learn to Record a Complex Web Transaction Faster than the New Star Wars Episode VII Trailer?


If you're a Star Wars fan like us, you might agree that the new trailer for Episode VI: The Force Awakens released on November 29 felt like it went by at lightspeed. After all, it was only one minute and thirty seconds in length...which is nothing (especially compared to the … [Read more...]

This Holiday Season Help Your Website Achieve Peak Performance – Part 5


Getting More Out of Your Load Tests You may want to simulate different data for each virtual user in your load test. For instance, making each virtual user use different user credentials and form values for data entry help to drive out any web server or database caching … [Read more...]

9 Live Wallpapers to Make Your Macintosh Even More Beautiful


My name is Carol Pinchefsky, and I'm a Macaholic. I've never owned, or even seriously used, a PC. I find Macs intuitive and usable, and I've never once felt that way about C: drives and D: drives and oh-god-why-me drives. So may the ghost of Steve Jobs smite me for … [Read more...]

Five Free Tools to Clean Up Your CSS


You and your team have worked hard to create an amazing-looking website. Over time, you add some new tweaks and get rid of a few that just didn’t do the job. But now that you think that the website is nearly perfect, users start to complain about slow load times. What’s … [Read more...]

SoapUI – Another Step Forward

The Future of SoapUI

We released SoapUI 4.6.1 a few weeks ago - thank you SoapUI team! But as soon as 4.6.1 was out we started working on 4.6.2, which is coming soon. We want to share some of those things with you, including more REST testing improvements! The Next Big Thing We have started … [Read more...]

Four Serious Math Libraries for JavaScript

math libraries

  JavaScript performs all its math tasks using floating point math. Using floating point numbers works fine up to a point, but then you encounter rounding errors. If you regularly need high-precision numeric output (such as performing financial or scientific … [Read more...]

DejaClick for Google Chrome is Here!


Yes, that's right, you heard it, DejaClick has come to Chrome and it’s now available for free in the Chrome Store. This is our first public beta of the DejaClick for Google Chrome and we are eager to get it into the hands of users to get some real world experience.  Why … [Read more...]

How to Properly Increase Your Software Pricing


Patrick Campbell is Co-Founder and CEO of Price Intelligently, a value based pricing software company based in Boston, MA. One of the most common questions we receive on our pricing strategy blog concerns how to change prices, and more specifically how to raise them. These … [Read more...]

Is Gaming the Hottest Bed of Innovation in Software Development?


It’s really hard to put game developers in a box, so sitting down to write this blog sent my mind in a million directions. Games are infiltrating everything, and the more I think about it, the more I see how important it is that game developers produce software that really … [Read more...]

The Low Cost of Innovation


It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of any job – all the great ideas that surface in lunch rooms, hallways and board rooms that never see the light of day. One of the main reasons those great ideas never come to fruition is lack of budget. In software, however, there … [Read more...]