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ISO 29119 Debate – A Historical Perspective Part 1

Railway track

Standardization has been a source of considerable tension between individual, corporate and governing entities since the dawn of industry. The imposition of commercial and industrial standards first started to take off during the Industrial Revolution. In one of the earliest … [Read more...]

Code Review: Empowering Collaboration Across Time Zones


I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our Collaborator customers – one of the largest and most respected insurance providers in the country. The main point of discussion was about the integration of Collaborator and Rational Team Concert. However, one thing I … [Read more...]

Manage the Magnitude – And Other Developer Lessons from Slide Rules


Slide rules aren’t just old-fashioned computing devices. They’re useful tools for getting work done – and can help us calibrate our goals, too. How much building material do we need? Should we mix up 25 bags of cement, 250, or 2,500? That’s the sort of question that … [Read more...]

Up Your Game with Code Review


Most development managers innately understand that code review is an indispensable strategy to improve software quality. What many managers don’t know is that time invested in the up-front process of code review not only saves time later, but also helps managers position … [Read more...]

Gerrit-Style Code Review with Collaborator

Gerrit-Style Code Review

Collaborator has a rich Git integration and you can use Collaborator to review files stored in Git in a variety of different ways.  Our philosophy has always been that we adapt to your workflow, not the other way around.  Some people like Gerrit’s more restricted workflow. … [Read more...]

What Good are Terabytes? Because Data Sets are Not Information.


We keep on amassing more and more data. And we're told frequently about the uses to which this data can be put. But data is not information and information is hard to glean from terabytes of stuff. There are, however, needles in those haystacks. At the same time, some … [Read more...]

Improve Your Open Source Project Adoption by Catering to Integrators


In the software ecology, a special type of evangelist works with organizations that are open to incorporating open source into their technology infrastructure. These “integrators” (sometimes called value-added resellers or just computer consultants) can encourage a business … [Read more...]

Your Code May Work, But It Still Might Suck

junk code

Why one of Steve Jobs's guiding principles should also be yours. And also: What you can learn about code quality from Doom’s source code. In his revealing biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Issacson told of Jobs's fastidiousness when it came to product details, even the … [Read more...]

A New Solution is Here: Collaborator!


Today marks the launch of a new era for SmartBear Software, as we announce the launch of Collaborator 8.0, the premier tool for code review – as well as document and artifact review. Collaborator is the result of meaningful discussions with our CodeCollaborator and … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Fail


Building software is hard. Building high-quality software is even harder. And doing either on a tight budget and increasingly limited time is nearly impossible! Truthfully, there are so many more ways to fail in this industry than to succeed. But failing isn't always a bad … [Read more...]