5 Truly Effective CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks


Creating engaging websites that invite return visits is hard work. A modern site also has to scale to support every device available and be launched online in ever -shorter times. Perhaps the only reasonable way for developers to implement the responsive design demanded by … [Read more...]

SGI’s Long, Strange Trip: from Dinosaurs to Big Data


Some companies stay in the same business they began with, for good or ill. Others change their business model – and survive. Silicon Graphics isn't the same it was 20 years ago, but it is alive and kicking – and today it’s focusing on Big Data. Twenty years ago, Stephen … [Read more...]

9 Live Wallpapers to Make Your Macintosh Even More Beautiful


My name is Carol Pinchefsky, and I'm a Macaholic. I've never owned, or even seriously used, a PC. I find Macs intuitive and usable, and I've never once felt that way about C: drives and D: drives and oh-god-why-me drives. So may the ghost of Steve Jobs smite me for … [Read more...]

Have Some Fun with ASCII Art

ASCII art is probably as old as the use of ASCII itself, and unless you create it by typing each letter manually without a generator, I'm hard pressed to even call it art.  However, like those silly Skype emoticons, there is something fun about it that has me playing around … [Read more...]

10 Live Wallpapers to Gussy Up Your Android Device


Recently I fell in love with Android. I should say, I fell in love with Android again. We broke up for a while when I got an iPhone, but then I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Android started seducing me. Next, I ditched my iPhone and switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4, and … [Read more...]

A Developer and a User Walk into a Bar: 5 Steps to Getting Users’ Insights while Avoiding a Bruised Ego


As a developer working on consumer online software, you're invested in creating meaningful experiences for users. At the same time, if you ask customers what they want, they will – as Henry Ford remarked – ask for a faster horse. But it's worse than that, because users don’t … [Read more...]

6 Cool Live Desktops for the Self-Respecting Windows Geek


Your Windows computer finally has enough horsepower to run pretty, interactive wallpaper. It’s time to revisit desktop enhancements. Here’s a few to tickle the fancy of any Windows user. In the early to mid-2000s, desktop replacements, gadgets, live-wallpapers and all … [Read more...]

Zapping Graphics that Dazzle Too Much

Distracting zapping graphics

If your users are missing obvious information in a Web application or on a website, the graphics you’ve used may be to blame. Well-defined graphics add pizzazz to a site, but poorly implemented graphics turn user interfaces into a circus experience that fail to meet the … [Read more...]

The Rise of The Developer, Designer, and Software Tester [Infographic]

SmartBear Infographic

According to recent reports, between January and June 2012, the technology (or “tech”) industry added nearly 100,000 jobs at a 1.7 percent gain. It has also been reported that by the year 2020, employment in all computer occupations is expected to increase by 22 percent. … [Read more...]

A Short Guide for Desktop Developers Making the Transition to Web Applications

Design  & Development

Developers who are used to working with desktop applications often find it difficult to transition to Web-based application design. The lack of designers throws them for a loop and, fixated on control positioning, the developers find it impossible to create compelling user … [Read more...]