Can anyone design a job application platform that doesn’t suck?


Why does it take a half hour and triplicate-input-redundancy to apply for a job online? Why can't these online application platforms just pull in LinkedIn data and be done with it? Isn't it easier for these job application systems to just read our resumes and cover letters? … [Read more...]

Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace—and a Few Ways to Overcome It


Even the most brilliant developers, the most competent managers, have doubts about their abilities—despite evidence that their performance at work is acceptable, or even laudable. Why do we feel this way…and how can we feel better about our work and ourselves? "I worry … [Read more...]

How to Take Advantage of Semantic Search: A Guide for Developers


Semantic search is the most disruptive trend we have seen across the Web since the Web itself. But for developers it represents a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of their projects and to make significant wins for their clients. The essence of semantic search … [Read more...]

Most Influential People in Software Testing


Throughout my career in software testing there have been many obstacles that I've had to overcome to get to where I am today. Earlier on I struggled with testing effectively; however, through trial and error I was able to become more efficient. On my first testing job, it … [Read more...]

The Cover Letter is Dead. Long Live LinkedIn!


Stop sweating over those overly long humble-brag letters. Employers know they're BS. Instead, save your sweat for making a lush LinkedIn profile. I set out to write an article about stupid techie cover letter tricks. Technology people do sometimes do dumb things in cover … [Read more...]

When You Get a Job Counteroffer: Should You Stay or Should You Go?


You got a job offer, you gave your notice, you’re psyched to pack up your coffee mug and launch your glittery new gig. But wait! Your boss muddles everything by offering you a counteroffer that you can’t possibly refuse! How do you figure out whether to jump ship or keep … [Read more...]

What Trade Secrets Mean for Your Career in IT

Businesses are trying to protect themselves with their intellectual property. States are trying to ensure economic growth and support start-up enterprises. Engineers, developers, and designers are caught in the crossfire with their careers and economic security at … [Read more...]

How to Keep a Job Search Going Through the Holidays


Companies don't hire during the holidays, you say? Corporate hiring managers are all out on vacation? Nobody's going to get back to you, so you're just going to go stand in line at a big-box store on Black Friday and dive into shopping mob frenzy? Bah, humbug! The truth is: … [Read more...]

Zapping Graphics that Dazzle Too Much

Distracting zapping graphics

If your users are missing obvious information in a Web application or on a website, the graphics you’ve used may be to blame. Well-defined graphics add pizzazz to a site, but poorly implemented graphics turn user interfaces into a circus experience that fail to meet the … [Read more...]

What the Devchicks Can Teach Every Developer about Programming


The number of women in tech is decreasing, but their contributions are significant and noteworthy beyond their representation. Here are six lessons that all coders can use. At the annual Strangeloop tech conference in St. Louis, several women presenters gave important … [Read more...]