Simplifying Data-Driven Testing With TestComplete’s Automatic Data Generator

Data-driven testing is a powerful technique that allows you to verify your applications against many different sets of test values. Rather than creating an individual test for each case, you simply bind your test to the data source it will run through. The benefit is that … [Read more...]

Introducing TestComplete’s Keyword Tests

To create functional tests with earlier versions of TestComplete, you had to record or write script code that simulated the desired user actions. You used scripts to create flexible and powerful tests. The scripting approach was sometimes difficult for inexperienced users … [Read more...]

7 Ready Made Test Extensions

Script extensions allow you to create your own custom checkpoints and scripting objects. Here are 7 of the extensions I've written so far. Feel free to download them, tweak them, collect them or trade them with your friends. :) Extension Description Credit Card … [Read more...]

Sorting Data in Microsoft DataGridView

The DataGridView control includes a data sorting feature. To sort the data by a particular column, the user clicks on the header of that column (once or twice, depending on the desired sort order). Sorting can also be performed programmatically by calling the … [Read more...]