9 Reasons Microservices Matter to Architects, Developers & Testers


Several years ago, I was a developer in a travel reservation aggregator. Our mission was to pull flight and hotel data from a bunch of cryptic reservation platforms, and provide it to other companies via an API library – for a fee. That was before companies like Expedia … [Read more...]

Orchestrating Microservices: Who’s Composing this Symphony, Anyway?

BADAJOZ, SPAIN - JUNE 13: The Extremadura Region Classical Music Orchestra performs at the Hight Square of Badajoz, Spain on June 13, 2014

Before becoming a developer, I was in the high school band. I played several brass instruments – including French horn and cornet – as well as keyboards in the jazz stage band. A musician and a nerd, what can I say? I even dabbled in writing music for the band. Okay, … [Read more...]

API Mocking for the REST of Us: Ready! API 1.4 Is Here!

Ready!API No Fakes, Just Mocks

Fellow geeks and API nerds: Have you ever worked with mock APIs before? Ever had to wait for code to get deployed just to start testing? Ever wanted to just prototype an API without getting lost in the weeds? Ever have problems testing 3rd party APIs? Oh my goodness, this … [Read more...]

Taming The API Sprawl


Ten years ago, there may have been only a single application that talked directly to the database and spit out HTML; customer service, sales - most of the organizations I work with have been moving toward a design philosophy more like unix, where each application consists of … [Read more...]

How SoapUI Was Created: An Interview with Ole Lensmar

Ole Lensmar Photo

Ole Lensmar, our own CTO at SmartBear, talks about the creation of SoapUI. SoapUI has risen to become the most widely used API testing tool in a market that is expanding quickly. With the accelerated adoption of RESTful APIs, combining with the existing usage of the SOAP … [Read more...]

Secure Your API…Like A Castle

API Security Castle

It’s been three years since I compared medieval security to web security, and a few things have happened. Mobile and wireless have evolved as the dominant platforms, while the life between personal computing and business computing has continued to fray. And, of course, … [Read more...]

IoT is Busy Innovating, but Where’s the Integration? Thoughts from O’Reilly Solid


Last month, SmartBear was out in full form at O’Reilly Solid, a conference all about the Internet of Things (IoT) [this year]. We chatted with anyone and everyone who is building APIs to support their cool gadgets or back-end systems. What we found was…curious. What is the … [Read more...]

How Amazon API Gateway Shakes Up Your API Management Strategy

As if a space jam-packed with the likes of 3scale, WSO2, Axway, Intel / Mashery, Apigee, Akana, CA, IBM, Oracle, Mulesoft, and HP isn’t competitive enough, Amazon recently decided to get into the business of APIs-in-the-cloud. But Amazon brings something to API PaaS ( … [Read more...]

How Beacons and the iBeacon Protocol Fit With the API and the Internet of Things

Beacon API Use

Forbes called 2015, the Year of the Mobile Beacon.  AdWeek talks about how beacons are already influencing the way we network, get drunk, vacation, shop, and even how we buy sausage. Ten experts at Marketing Land predicted that this year the whole world of mobile marketing … [Read more...]

How Testing Changes in Component Based Architectures


What Is Component Based Architecture? Imagine building your software like it was ordering furniture from Ikea. You pick out a desk, add a corner piece, raise it up to be a standing desk with some props for the legs, and add small things like organizers to better fit how … [Read more...]