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You Can’t Test All the Things: API, IoT, ROI TBD

Paul Bruce API Testing

I have three words for everyone in software testing: prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize. You can’t test every possible permutation of your software, especially so with APIs and IoT devices where you’re placing much of the user experience in the hands of integrators to … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Convince People to Use Your API

Early in my career, I spent time writing Linux kernel modules and drivers in C using a realtime framework.  To understand the functions and library utilities at my disposal, I had printed out the official documentation in all its glory.  Printing it took an entire day, and I … [Read more...]

Quality Conversations on Financial Technology and API Culture in London

API thoughts, illustrated at APIdays London

An event like APIdays London proves that it’s not always a bad thing to show up to an event underdressed. Last week at APIdays London, the sessions were well attended by both financial business professionals in suits and fellow technical geeks like me in jeans. Aside from … [Read more...]

API Virtualization Infographic from ServiceV Pro


To help API builders and testers learn more about API Virtualization, the ServiceV Pro team put together a nice infographic. Instead of setting up a whole separate server stack to mimic production, API virtualization aims to simulate the minimum behaviors of one or more API … [Read more...]

Fintech and DevOps Collide in London: SmartBear and Sogeti UK

Fintech and DevOps

Financial institutions, like other critical service industries such as health care and air travel, have the unique challenge of no room for failure. It’s a bad day if your ATM card doesn’t work. It’s a really bad day if you do a bunch of online trading based on incorrect … [Read more...]

Putting The Test Back Into DevOps


DevOps has become synonymous with empowering developers to move faster and deliver more software, but has unintentionally moved software quality and testing into a corner. The pendulum that swings back and forth between very slow testing and staying far away from overly … [Read more...]

API Copyright and Why You Should Care

Copyright sign

There's a strange sort of copyright battle going on in the world today -- Oracle claiming that the Android Operating System uses 37 Java Packages. If you thought Java was free and are confused, you aren't alone. The issue at stake is not the Java Packages themselves. … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Microservices Matter to Architects, Developers & Testers


Several years ago, I was a developer in a travel reservation aggregator. Our mission was to pull flight and hotel data from a bunch of cryptic reservation platforms, and provide it to other companies via an API library – for a fee. That was before companies like Expedia … [Read more...]

Orchestrating Microservices: Who’s Composing this Symphony, Anyway?

BADAJOZ, SPAIN - JUNE 13: The Extremadura Region Classical Music Orchestra performs at the Hight Square of Badajoz, Spain on June 13, 2014

Before becoming a developer, I was in the high school band. I played several brass instruments – including French horn and cornet – as well as keyboards in the jazz stage band. A musician and a nerd, what can I say? I even dabbled in writing music for the band. Okay, … [Read more...]

API Mocking for the REST of Us: Ready! API 1.4 Is Here!

Ready!API No Fakes, Just Mocks

Fellow geeks and API nerds: Have you ever worked with mock APIs before? Ever had to wait for code to get deployed just to start testing? Ever wanted to just prototype an API without getting lost in the weeds? Ever have problems testing 3rd party APIs? Oh my goodness, this … [Read more...]