Wi-Fi at 802.11ac: Fast and Maddening


Good news: Wi-Fi networking technology is improving. Bad news: The top speed may surpass your backhaul, and carriers will become the most frequent bottleneck. There will be joy, and there will be disappointment. The latest IEEE 802.11ac spec will allow wireless speeds in … [Read more...]

Supporting Windows XP after April 8: What You Need to Know


Microsoft is finally casting off its old operating system, which means you are sort-of on your own. Here's what's in store for sysadmins and developers, and what you need to do starting April 9. After years of threatening to end the life of Windows XP, Microsoft finally … [Read more...]

Why Containers Instead of Hypervisors?


Our cloud-based IT world is founded on hypervisors. It doesn't have to be that way – and, some say, it shouldn’t be. Containers can deliver more services using the same hardware you're now using for virtual machines, said one speaker at the Linux Collaboration Summit, and … [Read more...]

THE HEAT IS ON! A Simple Guide to Creating Heatmaps


Heatmaps and choropleths can give your data a sizzling new look with easy-to-understand visualizations. Here’s how. Never before has the world been flooded with so much data. Everyone is collecting, analyzing, and mashing up Big Data, from the federal government to the … [Read more...]

Google on Mindfulness: How the Company Implements its Motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil’


It’s a happy thing that Mindfulness – a state of active, open attention on the present – has lately attracted a lot of attention, especially in technology circles. Among the companies embracing mindfullness is Google, which had an unusual opportunity to demonstrate its … [Read more...]

4 Questions to Ask Before Ending Your Web Apps’ Older Browser Support


As a Web developer, you might instinctively cringe when your new consulting client or user department requests support for IE6 or Safari 5.1. Before you rattle off your reasons for ending older browser support, run through this checklist of questions to ask the … [Read more...]

Web Performance Monitoring 101


Web performance issues start like classic murder mysteries — you see things are afoul, but you can’t figure out why. It can be frustrating for an organization, which often spends more time on isolating the cause of a performance issue than on actually repairing the … [Read more...]

Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring: Better Together


In my last post I provided a high level overview of Real User Monitoring (RUM) — what it is, how it works and where it fits into your overall performance strategy. For those of you new to the idea of application performance management, like anything, different approaches … [Read more...]

Designing the User-Driven Business


The lines between consumer and business software are fading as popular mobile devices invade businesses. As a result, IT projects, solution designs, and investments are changing to better align with shifting user expectations. The days of traditional enterprise IT are … [Read more...]

An Introductory Course in Web Performance Metrics


Slow response time has been the most common complaint of site users since the inception of the Web. Just when we thought broadband and quad core processors would solve all our problems, mobile devices and Wi-Fi hotspots set us back again. The struggle against latency … [Read more...]